The city of Ioannina

Build at an altitude of 470 meters above sea level and located at a distance of 436 Kilometers from Athens, Ioannina is the biggest city of Epirus and the capital of the region. Ioannina is built alongside the western bank of lake "Pamvotis", well known for its beauty, the picturesque and the rich fauna and flaura.

One can find the old city, in and around the Castle, with traditional houses inhabited even today, the Byzantine Museum and the Treasury. One can also find the little island in the lake, an insland also inhabited today, rare phenomenon, with Byzantine Monasteries that also served as schools and constitute witnesses of the historical continuity throughout the centuries. The Archeological Museum of Ioannina has exhibits from the whole region of Epirus, and more specifically of the oldest oracle in Greece, Dodoni.

Ioannina constitues, today, a center renowned for work on silver, bronze and wood, where the tradition of the past centuries in fine handicrafts is still alive in objects being sold in city shops, very close to the Palladion hotel.

Photographs from the city of Ioannina

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Ioannina with lake
Pamvoitis and the island
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«The decapitation of
Ali-Pasha» by Pavlos Vrellis

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View from the Pavlos
Vrellis wax museum
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Inside view of the
Perama Cave
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The Byzantine museum
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The City Hall
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The tower of Voimoundos
inside the castle
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Inner view from the
Castle of Ioannina

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